The 7 Sexiest Issues You Can Do For Your Husband (and Relationship)

If you have never been in a relationship, you know that every relationship goes through phases. There is a phase in which you get to know each other, also known as the first dates. There's a honeymoon phase, also known as you can't get enough of each other. Fuck like a rabbit wherever and whenever. Then there is the phase of reality, also known as the real relationship. This is after the fireworks show and the once so cute quirks … well … annoying quirks that you resign yourself to and try to oh, so hard to ignore when the level of the PMS approaches you.

It is a struggle of giving and taking when the novelty wears off. They are machines that inevitably break if they are not oiled well. They have the power to make you feel so high and oh so low. Above all, you are what you make of it. Put little effort into your relationship and it will fail. Accept the advice I am about to give and happy that it will come true forever.

I may not be a trained relationship expert, but I am a girl who has a kickass relationship. So I share some tips to keep your relationship up to date (or to help populate the sexy ad when it runs out). How do I know that these methods work? Do you remember because my relationship is a kickass? I may not be a trained relationship expert, but I am a woman who unconditionally falls head over heels in love with her best friend. a guy who does his part to make me feel like a fairy tale princess and go to the sunset with her prince charming every day.

The sexiest thing you can do for your husband is ..

Cooking for Him

You may think I cook dinner every night. Nothing special here. You are wrong. Most of us cook dinner during the week. What I mean by that special food that you bring out every now and then when he has had a hard day's work or his favorite team has lost a big game or random ones just because I somehow love you. It has to be something he will love, something he will make saliva for. He will love you for a long time if you throw his special food into the mix from time to time.

My recipe: Steak with my special marinade. 1 cup of olive oil, brown sugar, chopped garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper, prepared horseradish, pieces of bacon. Mix everything into a paste and season to taste. Rub in the steak. Marinate in the fridge for a few hours. Cook in butter on the stove over medium heat for about 5 minutes per side, depending on the steak strength.

Let him save you

Our sexy partners are still men. The male species are hard-wired to save us. Her original urge to prove herself and her ego sometimes needs to be stroked. Yes, ladies, that's right. You have to stroke both of your husband's heads so that he always feels wanted. Play a spoiled thing you're dealing with (one that your guy is familiar with) every few months and let him save you. Put a good dash on his original ego and see how his deflating male ego inflates again within seconds.

Baby him cold while his husband (aka Rescue Him)

Listen. When I notice that my husband has a cold, I flinch. Men cannot stand being sick. We all know that. It's annoying. According to them, the world is coming to an end. Men are in their weakest hours when they are dealing with any illness. And so I'm here to say, take care of it and save him. Years ago, at the height of a man who had a cold and wanted me to sleep for a week, NyQuil realized that I had two options. I could either continue planning his death and use his relentless whine as my defense, or I could save him by letting him out of the hell. I liked him too much and chose the second option. If he is sick or injured, I wait for him by hand and foot. I don't give him the opportunity to whine. I make sure that he is cared for, has everything he needs, and I ask him to rest in bed. He is happy and thankful. I am also happy and do not live in a prison cell with someone who made me her bitch.

Do what Yaya did

My grandmother gave me advice years ago. I followed this advice every day: if you want your husband to come home, let him come home. Correct your makeup before it comes in the door … splash some perfume on your neck … If you have children, make sure the first room he sees is completely taken (even if the Rest of the house is a mess). For heaven's sake, you're married – have sex with your husband.

Have the essential clothing

Must be in your closet or in your drawers:

A sexy black dress and a stunning pair of heels for this sexy evening.
A really cool pair of jeans. The kind that makes your ass divine.
An ultra sexy piece of lingerie.
Crotchless panties
A cute girls baseball t-shirt and shorts.

Allow him to be a child

Boys will always be boys. Give your boy some time each week to do boy things. If he wants to play Call of Duty online with his friends, leave him. If he seizes the children's electric scooter, leave him. Boys have to be boys. They need their time just as we need our time. Believe me when I say that watching him is much more enjoyable without him than with him. Let him play while you catch up on your guilty amusement shows.

And finally …

Loves him unconditionally

Support his decisions. Stand in its corner. Love him at his best. Love him more at its worst. Lend your ear when it speaks. Listen to what he says. Be his rock, his partner, his best friend. Be the girl he always dreamed of.

No matter how busy and empowered we are girls, we all want to experience happiness always. These tips will not only ensure that you drive into the sunset, they will also ensure that these moments are once and happily as amazing as possible from the start. Remember relationships give you what you give him. Give a little, come back a little. Make an effort and get back the best feeling in the world: true, fairytale love.

Now I want to know … what special thing are you doing for your husband that lets him know that you love him to hell?

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