Persecution of a Lady You Are Inquisitive about

America's favorite pastime is not baseball, couponing or line dancing. It's the hunt. Yes, I'm talking about men who persecute women.

In fact, all men around the world – even more than their collective tax hatred – share a longing for women.

Since the US was just a bunch of dissatisfied colonies, flirting and pursuing women was in full swing. Already in the 17th century, the few available single men asked the parents for permission of their romantic interest, whether they could come over, get to know the family, and bundle (which was stocked) in a sack to be and to sleep in the family bed, since the girl in question and the admirer in question are separated by a wooden board).

However, hunting has filled the men with numerous promotional tactics since those unpleasant days. The bundling resulted in dating ads, which then turned into meetings with women in public places like bars and restaurants, followed by videotape dating, online dating and now dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Facebook dating.

Nowadays, it is not so easy to persecute women as to drive a horse to their parents' house and ask for permission to be tied up in a sack for a night and sleep in a family bed. Today, men have a variety of methods to choose from when it comes to promoting their lover.

In this article, you'll learn how to pursue a woman you're interested in, exploring a variety of ways men look for romantic partners. But before we start we want to examine the role of the "hunter".

With increasing gender equality, the role of the romantic initiator is balanced out. Apart from that, the burden is still heavy on the (hopefully) broad shoulders of the man. Men still have to play the role of "hunter". But to take on this role is just as important as not overdoing and taking on the role of the stalker.

During my 100-day experiment there was one guy I had an appointment with to get me to a scary level. In the early morning, when there were few other souls on the street, he was waiting for me outside the bar where I had worked at the time. This was not a one-time situation, but turned into a trend that led me from safety to car after each shift. This is a situation where a hunter can get out of control and turn into something no woman deserves. Always respect the woman you go out with and never feel uncomfortable. This is the first persistence rule of the persecution.

As already mentioned, the modern dating landscape offers numerous opportunities to meet women. We will look in detail at how men in the 21st century most often encounter women. You'll learn how to track a woman in a dating app, how to track a woman you've met through friends, how to track a woman you work with, and how to track a woman that you met alone.

You must know that you are interested from the beginning.

Waiting has no advantage. By waiting, the other guy from their office or Tinder has the opportunity to steal the girl you've never had. Do not hesitate to signal your interest until you both spent more time in a platonic environment. There are thousands of variables in this world that are always working against you. Take control of your romantic destiny by raising interest early on. But how do you express your interest?

When you chat with a dating app, this interest is automatically detected. The context signals your interest in her. Although your interest changes when you interact outside a screen.

If you have found your romantic interest through friends, you must take a tightrope walk. You do not need to use Native American smoke signals to publicize your interest, but must be discreet. If this is a person hovering in your circle of friends, it may be funny for the entire group if you show your cards too early. Instead, do an Enlightenment. Ask your friends if she is single and if she likes you. When it comes to asking their art, be tactful. Confirm that you do not want to mess up the group dynamics, but that you think she's great and that you enjoy being with her when you're not with your friends.

After meeting a stranger in a cafe, dog park, or concert, you should be direct. Talk about it briefly before asking for your number. Tell her that you have enjoyed the brief conversation and do not want this conversation to be your last. Be honest with her and tell her you'd like to take her for a coffee or a drink this week (always keep the first date light ). When it comes to a stranger, do not waste time around the bush.

If you are rejected by a stranger, you find that you are rejected only by someone you do not even know. Do you really feel depressed when a stranger refuses your offer to have a drink after a 5-minute conversation? You do not do that. Because you do not know them and they do not know you.

How to Persecute a Woman Met in a Dating App

You must love modern dating. Sure, young Americans have less sex than ever before but dating has never been so accessible. In our own bathrooms, men and women can enjoy a bubble bath as they stroke left and right to experience their next romance. What makes Americans wrong about dating apps is that they treat them more like games than useful tools that help them find love. The purpose of a dating app is not to stack matches like trophies, but to switch from an online match to a match IRL. That's how it's done.

After creating a impressive online dating profile the virtual advertising process begins.

Now that you have a match, it's time to shoot her a message. Usually never "hey" or a variant. Hey is the equivalent of a Facebook poke, but worse. It does not direct the conversation in any way and does not add value to the dialogue. Use her profile to inform her first message. If she likes dogs, do not just say "I like dogs too," but "Did you know that dogs can smell cancer?" The goal of a first message is to get an answer. It is incredibly unlikely that "Hi" will justify an answer as a message that appeals to her profile and took more than a second to complete. Here is an article with first message examples for people who can help you.

During these first messages, the conversation remains humorous and relevant to their profile. Do not write long messages about yourself, do not ask questions and do not answer in time. Ideally, you can count your number just a few lines after sending this first message.

After some messages have been exchanged, direct the conversation towards TDL . After chatting a few lines, you start a TDL. This little known acronym should be associated with something she gets involved in, be it making beer, riding a bicycle, drinking obscure coffee, etc. Say something like, "Have you ever been to Fort Funston ? "Here's a yes or no answer. Regardless of the response, they begin to sell across the park. If she knows a little more about the date range, ask her for a date at that exact location at a specific time on a particular day. Being direct and asking her for a specific appointment means she has to give you a definite yes or no answer.

How to Persecute a Woman Hit by Friends

An online match is private. An application gives you a personal space dedicated to the two parties involved. This is the opposite of meeting a woman through friends. How to track a woman through friends requires a different tactic. When online dating is direct, it is not possible to track your best friend's friend.

Imagine having a brunch with some friends. A woman who brings along your girlfriend will notice and by chance sit next to you – as if by chance. Show your interest by getting to know them. Ask her how she knows the group and gets over a few jokes. Do not worry, if you're not in your A-Game, bottomless mimosas can be the wingman.

Ask your questions, make eye contact, and call them out after a dialogue with their name. If the mood is right, you may even start to touch, but remember, this is a brunch that friends attend. Keep the touch light and harmless. You do not have to turn your romantic ambitions into a spectacle.

But be careful

It may be wise not to increase the heat of your budding advertisements too quickly. This could burn the Platonic Bridges that you and her have cultivated so tenderly over the years with friends in your social environment. Learn from friends what their status is. Is she with someone else in the group, what's her business? If you learn all this before the hypothetical brunch ends, pull it aside and ask for its number. Only do this if you are sure that she will give it to you. If you think it's too early, trust your gut. Just do not be afraid to ask because you are afraid of rejection.

Once your number is in possession, challenge them with a TDL. If the appointment is made three days after the call, the lit spark must not be stifled. Danger of suffocation looks like senseless text messages. Do not ask her to type in her entire life story by text. Keep your questions behind the tongue and wait until you have them personally.

The day before the appointment you shoot a text. Something like "I'm looking forward to our date at Mountain Tam, see you at 11am." She wants to win her affection and wants her to feel as if she's super valuable by taking on her interest.

The last point to keep in mind is your role as a hunter. Reduce your directness while chasing a friend's friend. Use tact, stay humble and never feel uncomfortable. If you personally ask for your number, let us know your intentions. Let it be clear that you can deal with rejection with grace. Do not be the tail that creates a gap in the social environment because you had to ask a friend of the group.

How to Persecute a Woman Who Meets on Your Own

Women are everywhere. There are no restrictions when it comes to meeting women. No place is closed (except maybe a funeral). No matter where you are, seeds can be planted and the fruits of your labor can grow.

Let's speed up the chain of events a bit. They have just reached their number and asked them already. How you got to know her and how much time she spent with her changes slightly. In general, however, the next step is uniform.

After you hit them, shoot a text a few hours later. Just a message telling you how nice it was to meet you and that you are looking forward to your date in a few days. If you have not set a date yet, now is the time to ask. If she does not respond to your text within 24 hours, you may start to doubt if she will ever respond. Wait a few days before signing up. On the day before your date, pick up the phone and call it. If she is young and you think a call is too aggressive, leave her a voice message.

How to track a woman you work with

Do you remember the Hunter Personality we conjured? Taming It Being overly sexually aggressive at a workplace is likely to not only lead to rejection, but may also lead to termination.

In general, I advise my clients not to meet with colleagues. If you have MegaDate you should have no trouble finding a woman who will like your romantic palate. If a woman rejects a man, both can usually live on without major consequences. However, it is a risky venture to operate romance within the boundaries of the office.

Many SF companies have strict office dating guidelines. Companies such as Airbnb use the one-question rule which means you can only ask one employee once. If she rejects you only once, you can not ask her anymore. And this is one of the milder dating guidelines in the Bay Area.

Despite the risks involved, it is only natural that you fall in love with a colleague. They spend a lot of time together, talking constantly, facing challenges, reaching milestones, etc. It makes sense that you have the passion for your desk companion. So what are you doing?

My advice is to play cool and be followed by her. Lean back, be yourself and let her reveal her feelings for you. Wait until she reveals her cards and ask if you see anyone else. If she starts to inquire about your romantic life, that's a signal that she's interested in you.

If you ask them, do not do so on a corporate platform. Do not use Slack or a corporate email to ask for a drink. Do not use a communication stream that your company can use to track you. Considering that you see them every day, it would be a breeze to ask them by text. Instead, take them to their car one day after finishing work and ask the question. Make sure you are both private, use tact and do not put pressure on them.

In conclusion

Surely, while reading this article you have reviewed a mental list of all the women you want to interview. What you have just read is nothing more than an introduction to the persecution of a woman you are interested in. You may feel that you need a bit more information before dedicating Don Juan to the local dating scene – if you are, right? Worry, I covered you. To become a dating fan, first book a one-to-one Skype session with you. In it I will outline how we make you a leading actor in the dating scene. We'll also see if my three-month coaching program could help you reach your goals faster.

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