Over 50 of the Finest Fb Courting Opening Strains and Ice Breakers for Males

Match Group Inc. has monopolized online dating. The company owns dating app favorites like OkCupid, POF, Hinge, Match.com and of course Tinder.

It seemed that no other company could stop the Match Group's stronghold in the digital love industry. Of course, there is a company that has been planning its decline for years.

On September 5 of this year, Match Group Inc. recorded a 7.2% decline in the stock market, the largest of the year. It's just that Facebook launched Facebook Dating that day.

If there is one company that could beat Match Group and its bundle of dating apps, it's Facebook. The social media king started dating in 19 countries before making it available to US users.

While Facebook refuses to publish data showing how many people use Facebook Dating, we can assume that 69% of Americans the app Each month use one of the largest online dating pools in America.

Given the social power of Facebook, it's safe to say that the social media app will delight millions of users with their latest product. Become one of the most sought after bachelors in dating service by learning how to build engaging Facebook dating opening lines.

During my 100-Day Experiment I rated thousands of online dating profiles through various websites and apps. I understand that as a dating coach, it's important to keep abreast of dating trends and changes in the dating apps I used when I was single. That's why I decided to do some research by creating a new Facebook Dating account. Here is my profile.

Based on my previous experience and research on my FB dating test account, I have compiled a list of the best Facebook dating opening lines.

Think of your profile as a kind of Google query. Certain keywords such as chess: diving, training, etc. are used to attract people with similar interests.

All you have to do is to display this information in a way that keeps another user's attention for a full 10 seconds.

Facebook opening lines for boys

# 1: Purposeful and Open Question

 First Facebook Dating Message: What kind of dance are you doing? "Width =" 813 "height =" 148

I like that because it appeals to my profile. Talking to something in one of these four categories (Favorites, Hobbies, Family, Pets) triggers an emotional reaction and increases the likelihood that it will respond. Think about it. What is the easiest way to engage someone in a conversation? Easy. Just talk about things they already like.

# 2: Ask a question about something she wrote in her profile.

I like this question because it is perpetual. I'm not just saying "yes" or "no." Just ask a thoughtful question for added value. It also shows that the guy spent a full 10 seconds reading my profile.

Best Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 3: Keep Me On Truth

I love what he wrote because he did not just speak with the titles of the books. He does an excellent job to appeal to me emotionally and stimulating. It is clear that he read these books because he knows the names of the two main characters.

Now I'm curious if he loves these books too or if he's just an avid reader. He also does not ask a broad question, he shows me that he knows the peculiarities of these books (the names of the main characters).

If you want to ask a woman about a favorite book / TV show / movie / favorite musician / favorite food instead of asking a general question, try to go one level deeper by adding a more specific element to it use topic. Download my Mega Message template. This template will help you to create fantastic opening lines that hit the heart.

# 4: Accelerating a Bond

I actually asked that question, but I wanted to share it, because I love Rumi as well, and the fact that he had Rumi in his profile forced me to contact him.

Search in her profile for pieces that evoke an emotional reaction. That's the key to reading, answering and saying yes to a date with you. It can also ask a woman who shares a commonality to turn to you. Note, however, that women initiate less than men.

Best Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 5: Direct & Honest

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The takeaway is that the guy wasted no time. In dating apps, women receive dozens of hits and monotonous messages every day. You must shoot your shot and notice it as quickly as possible.

# 6: Do not Focus Only on Their Beauty

Many people choose to like and address a hot profile photo from a distance. This is a swing and a failure. A hot girl knows it's hot, she's heard it a million times, and you do not add value to your life by liking a photo that makes her look hot.

So, if you like or love a photo just because it's pretty, it's not as convincing as if you loved a photo, doing an activity, and then asking a question.

This guy commented on my dive photo and I thought it was great that he asked me what my favorite dive trip is because it adds value to my life, to think of all the places I dived, to find mine very popular.

It also tells me that we probably have the diving in common. This adds value to my life, fosters reading and answers, and our conversation is now much more powerful than it would have been if he had just liked a cute photo of me.

# 7: Talk about your common interests

 Facebook Dating Opening Lines - 2 "Width =" 450 "Height =" 353 Opposites do not attract. How many men and women with completely different backgrounds and contradictory political ideas do you see walking through the streets of San Francisco hand in hand? If you find a common interest in another user, you should design the conversation around that interest. These Facebook dating icebreakers also receive brownie points for the fun wordplay.

However, it is also possible that he has "just" misspelled. Always edit your opening line before clicking "Submit".

# 8: Always stay positive

This is interesting, but could be optimized. What I like is that he used my first name and wrote it correctly. Addressing someone by name is an easy way to connect. Incorrect spelling of a name is an easy way to end the resulting relationship. He did not say hello, hey, how are you, hola, or how was your weekend? Instead, he held it up positively, but he called my (properly spelled) name into the sky and praised my Monday kicking butt ability.

The only thing that can be found here is that he did not end up with a question. So there is no reason for me to answer. As I'm flooded with news, you have to stand out from the others. If I have to think of a funny answer to your opener, the likelihood that I answer will be reduced. All in all, it was a decent opening message.

# 9: Always Address Your Profile

I love this comment. If you find a favorite that you have in common with the woman, this is a strong connection because it hides a story that goes deeper than just the title of the movie or book.

For example, Fight Club is my favorite movie and one of the main topics is anti-consumerism. If someone shares this as a favorite, we're probably both minimalists, or we're both very picky about the things we have in our lives. And that's a kind of value system that we have in common. That way, you can connect to someone sharing the same values.

If I refer to a favorite as he did here, I'm curious about him and think we probably have much more in common. The only problem is that he did not end up with a question, but I would probably still answer because I realize that we have a lot in common.

Funny Facebook Dating Opening Lines for Guys # 10: What A Jokester

 Facebook Dating Opening Lines "width =" 300 "height =" 310

He does a great job by not using an "H-factor", that's all it starts with the letter H (outside of "Are you …").

These are words like "Hello", "Hello", "Hola", "How are you", "How was your weekend" etc. These words should not be used as they are over-stressing for women become meaningless. He does a good job if he does not. He sent a clever message though. If you send a message with a question mark, I recommend that you do not use any other words after this question mark.

That will signal her that it is her time to answer. If you ask a question and then continue, or if you ask several questions in the same message, it will confuse you and reduce the likelihood that it will respond.

# 11: Um … Hells Yeah! What I like about Facebook dating is that they connect you to people who have the same event interests. I had shown interest in a bioluminescent kayak tour on Facebook and came across a profile of someone who was also interested in the event. With this strategy, you can easily assign a TDL job to a woman in the first message because you already know she's forced to do this activity or attend this event.

What an easy transition to a first date when you use events that you are both interested in to arouse interest. You already know what a compelling event your match is, so it will be very easy to ask for a date based on this information.

# 12: Demands

"I thought that was really cool." This was actually my message to him until I saw this message model. The quote he used was meaningful. I sent him a message that ended with an open question, hoping that he would answer in more than one word, and so did he.

Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 13: Ask for a Story

 Facebook Dating Opening Lines "Width =" 765 "Height =" 180 On my profile I had a picture of myself wearing Tough Mudder (sporting event) A logbook, So this guy asked me, "Where are you taking the log?" I loved the news because he was there, looking at my photos and not saying anything general that any other guy would say, like, "You are." so sweet "or whatever. Never compliment women if you can change it and certainly not on their looks because they hear enough and it is not very meaningful.

I liked this message because at first I thought about it, "What is he talking about?" So I went back to my profile and checked what I had stored there.

# 14: Add value with your comment

This was a very unique message, as I did not expect to contact anyone about such a random activity. It also made me curious about him and about Burning Man in general, where I was not yet, but I wanted to know more, because it was something so weird that we connected. So if you really want to stand out from the competition, use a specific and different profile.

When you see that you have something in common, talk to it. This will be more compelling for them, and it is much more likely that you will get an answer than if you are talking about the more general or clichéd aspects of their profile. Do not say something like "I like Netflix too," or "I like to go there," because everyone does. Pay attention to the special features that distinguish you.

Best Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 15: Respond to the Information You Received

I had to send him a message because I'm obsessed with Handmaid & # 39; s Tale (The TV Show) and The Giver ?! We share this book together as an all-time favorite, which I thought was crazy because the giver is a third-grade book that nobody seemed to enjoy as much as I did when we read it at school. And that forced me to speak to him.

So if you use websites like Bumble, where the woman has to take the first step with a particular book, movie, or television program, it will force the woman sharing that favorite thing to share with you force them to reach you.

# 16: Let me giggle

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# 17: Punny

I added this message to giphy because I thought it was weird. If you want to use a Giphy in your message, try to find one that is really funny or really polarizing. Do not be bored with it. Sometimes they can work. I'm just saying, it's clear that it does not take much effort to do this, so writing a message is usually the best way, but if you can find a funny Giphy, give it a try and maybe test it address your messages by sending 10 Giphys and measuring your response rates in one day and then sending 10 messages and measuring your response rates the next day. Ideally, the Giphy in some way refers to her profile.

# 18: Cute self-deprecation

What I really liked about this message was the second line. Love it. Show me that he is humble and confident and nice. So of course I thought he was really cute.

# 19: TV References

Another Giphy. I like that because I can refer to friends. Of course, if you're sending a message to someone who is very young and does not understand that reference, you'll want to use targeted Giphys that appeal to the audience you want to wear. I like that because friends have not been there for the past 10 years or so, but it was something that I followed throughout my adolescence, so I felt we had it in common and I liked the familiarity that It gave me, that's a big component in the attraction.

# 20: Speak to Me

I love it. He specifically talks to a favorite I've listed in my profile, so I'm forced to answer. The only thing I would say would have been if he had just stopped at this question mark, I would have answered much earlier, because I would have known, "Oh, it's my time to answer." So again, if you have a question mark, you do not want to insert a whole bunch of extra words after that question mark.

Funny Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 21: Making them Laugh

This message is funny. When I saw this for the first time, I thought, oh god, not again. Because women get so many compliments that it becomes completely meaningless and we somehow hate it because it shows that the man is not very thoughtful or empathetic. So I saw the first line and thought of God, now it starts. But then the next line, in which he says: "We should reconcile the shit and relate to each other." Which has taken me by surprise with his humor.

This is Comedy 101 to create an expectation and then deliver the exact opposite of what the audience expects. Really, very funny. If you want to compliment a woman, make it funny!

# 22: Appear as genuine when trying to learn more about your match.

 facebook dating opening lines "width =" 300 "height =" 193 "/> </span data-lazy-src=

And you do not care either, stop lame questions like "how was your day?" To deliver. But that's cool, because it asks me a question about something that's important to me. Although, in general, I would definitely avoid talking about the work in your messages and appointments because it's just not very sexy.

Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 23: Ask a Question in Doubt

This was my message to someone else. Finished with a question mark referring to a favorite TV show. As a result, there should be a pretty good chance I'll get an answer.

# 24: Be attentive … it does not take much

A question that makes me curious, that makes me answer. I'm testing this app, so it's interesting to me that they were so ingenious that they found out. Although it is said that I research my profile.

Facebook Dating Opening Lines # 25: Test Your Knowledge

I have it on my profile that I love Cornhole. And for my Chicago people, who call it bags and believe that Cornhole is something else, just so you know they are bags that I'm referring to. Anyway, I did not know what he was talking about here, but I like to play Cornhole, so I was forced to answer.

Well, how about some of the best Facebook dating icebreakers for men?

Opening messages scare the creativity of many men. With so many options, they feel paralyzed by this over selection.

Facebook dating knows that sending a first message may be difficult. That's why they offer icebreakers to those who just fit together. If you do not feel funny after a game, use an icebreaker when writing your own message.

 Facebook Dating Icebreaker "width =" 350 "height =" 484 Best Facebook Dating Icebreaker # 26: Fantasizing Together

If you do not know what to say to a woman in a dating app, use an icebreaker. Nowadays, most apps offer the ability to use one of their icebreakers. They are designed to facilitate interaction. So I love this icebreaker and I would ask him if you do not already see the answer on her profile. If you already have the answer, it's like "Dude, did you read it?"

# 27: It's Out There

 Facebook dating icebreaker "width =" 298 "height =" 281 "/> </span data-lazy-src=

# 28: Become Nostalgic

Love this. It's fun to think for yourself what the answer is because you probably have not thought about that for years or decades. So that a little nostalgia can emerge and nostalgia has been shown to boost the mood and make people feel comfortable and receptive.

# 29: Becoming Personal

A good conversation starter to talk about strange and funny things. It could definitely lead to very funny conversations and it would be an interesting line to test 10 or 20 times to see how different people react. Always ask questions whose answers really interest you.

Facebook Icebreaker Dating Example # 30: Test Your Match

I sent the answer to Bhutan and used it as a qualification to see if he knew what was special about the place.

# 31: The Weirder The Better

Strange question, very similar to the question of the ghost animal, but somehow funny, because people do not ask this question every day. It is always good when you come to a question that has not been asked a million times before.

In fact, all I have to say, if you have these prompts, is why you're sending messages saying "Hey," "Hello," "Hey Sweetie," "How's your day," tu not anymore. Just use a command prompt, it's that easy.

# 32: Talk to Emoji

Who does not like a good emoji vomit from time to time? Some people hate them and others only send emojis when they want to communicate. If you send this icebreaker to a woman who has an emoji fetish, she likes to answer with 5 or 55 emojis.

# 33: Ask Open Questions

Let me think. This should be her first answer when she receives a first message. Too complex or too exhausting a question is pushed aside. Just make sure that everything you ask for can be answered within a minute. You do not have to ask them to help you solve the Cicada 3301.

Creative FB Dating Icebreaker # 34: Allow Her to Dream

Fantasy makes this world healthy. Instead of asking her word, you can tell this icebreaker who she wants to be. This is an uplifting icebreaker that can easily lead to a positive and in-depth conversation.

# 35: Let them hum

Because of the many strong associations that we have with music, discussing our favorite songs is an easy way to make a bond. Maybe you can turn this icebreaker into a TDL with live music.

# 36: Stay up to date

When she asks about her day, she may address new situations that will inform you of the person she is. Keep in mind that these first messages are not just about attracting you, but also about finding out if you really like that person. If her answer is, "When I finally get home and wash away the smell of corpses," it might not have meant it.

# 37: Ask her to talk about what's important to her.

Love this question so much, because the answer to this question tells you something about the family, tells you what they love, what is important to them. It definitely comes to the point.

# 38: Keep it Edged

This question could provide some funny answers. It could also make some pretty fucking memories. If you ask nervous questions, you should always be prepared to guide the conversation to lighter topics and, if possible, to practice lightness.

# 39: Test Your Mind

Everyone wants to play a bit. Regardless of how old or old-fashioned some questions may be, they are likely to get an answer when they ask the recipient to play a small game.

Facebook Icebreakers Icebreakers # 40: Growing Together

If she recalls the best positive advice she has received, she will want to honor this advice with its execution. Unabhängig davon, ob es sich um einen Rat handelt, der Angst, Liebe oder Arbeit betrifft, wird sie automatisch zu einer besseren Allround-Person, wenn der Rat zur Sprache gebracht wird. Sie haben nicht nur jemanden mit einem Klick daran erinnert, besser zu sein, sondern Sie sind jetzt auch mit diesem Rat verbunden.

# 41: Klassischer Eisbrecher

Liebe das. Dies könnte als ein hervorragendes Qualifikationsmerkmal verwendet werden, um herauszufinden, ob die von Ihnen gemeldete Frau wirklich ihren wahren Zweck erfüllt. Wenn sie wirklich auf dem richtigen Weg ist und dem nachgeht, was sie wirklich interessiert, oder wenn sie sich in ihrem Leben zurückhält und nicht glücklich ist.

# 42: Borderline-Klischee, aber es bekommt einen Pass

Diese Frage gibt nur dann Anlass zur Zustimmung, wenn Sie damit phantasieren können. Dies ist eine klassische Eisbrecher-Frage, die wir alle bereits verwendet oder erhalten haben. Hoffe nur, dass sie nicht gerade von demselben Eisbrecher gefragt wurde, sonst wirst du als lahm und überflüssig angesehen.

# 43: Hardcore Openers

Lieben Sie diese Frage! So einzigartig, so abseits der ausgetretenen Pfade. Würde diese Frage auf jeden Fall millionenfach verwenden. Und es würde Spaß machen, einen Test zu machen, bei dem Sie diese Frage eine Woche lang stellen, etwa 70 Personen fragen und nur die verschiedenen Antworten sehen.

# 44: Eine klassische Wendung

Dies ist eine klassische Variante von "Wenn Sie mit drei Personen zu Abend essen könnten, wen würden Sie einladen". Diese Frage nimmt auch einen professionelleren Ton an. Höchstwahrscheinlich laden wir Leute zu unserer Talkshow ein, von der wir lernen möchten. Eine solche Frage wird Ihnen zeigen, was ihre Bestrebungen sind, anstatt mit wem sie sich an einem Freitagabend betrinken wollen.

Facebook Dating Icebreaker # 45: Echt Original

Ich habe diese Frage buchstäblich noch nie gehört. Ich bin überrascht von dem Rätsel, das diese Frage aufwirft. Vielleicht lasse ich einen Ghostwriter diesen Blog beenden, während ich diesen aussortiere, brb.

# 46: Klassisch, aber nicht schlecht

Eine solche Frage sagt dir, was sie wirklich will. Verdammt, das ist eine Frage, die wir uns wöchentlich stellen sollten. Es ist eine aufschlussreiche Frage, und da Dating-Apps oberflächlich sind, brauchen wir den ganzen Gedankenaustausch, den wir bekommen können.

# 47: Nach einem Geheimnis fragen

Phobien neigen dazu, Menschen emotional zu machen. Über sie zu sprechen, über sie nachzudenken, ihre Phobien mit Fremden zu teilen, die sie auf Dating-Apps getroffen haben, ist genau das, worüber sich eine Person aufregt. Halten Sie sich nicht an alltägliche Themen, während Sie einen Fremden kennenlernen. Überspringe die Formalitäten und gehe zu den guten Sachen wie Papierschnitten im Auge.

# 48: Verbinde dich mit Musik

Verbinde dich wann immer möglich mit Musik. Wenn sie anfängt, an dich zu denken, wann immer sie das Lied hört, das sie wiederholt, werden Sie wahrscheinlich als wertvoller angesehen als der Rest der Konkurrenten. Sie haben bereits Ihre eigene Themenmusik. The next logical step in the convo would be to tell her about the song you’ve currently got on repeat.

#49: Who Do They Want To Be?

To really get to know someone we need to know who they aspire to be. If they respond that they’re content binging cable TV then perhaps you’ll want to keep your romantic search moving.

#50: Let’s Get Frisky

More so than any other icebreaker I’ve seen, it’s this one that lends itself to enable you to pivot from a Facebook Dating icebreaker to a date IRL.

#51: Mhmm Scrumptious

Love this because you can see if you see the same common foods. Then naturally you’ll ask her if she’s ever heard of Smith’s on Spring Street. No, she hasn’t?! Well it looks like you’ll just have to take her there. It’s that easy.

Facebook Dating Opening Lines #52 Why can’t you get a suntan on your palms?

Funny, random,  love it. This actually comes from this great article about Funny Dating Questions. Check out some of the other ones. This question is funny at first, but then it kind of makes you think. It’s these stimulating yet humorous openers that kill it every time.

#53 What kind of puppies do you hate the most?

facebook dating opening lines" width="1109" height="361Here’s a line from the article mentioned above that I’ve been testing lately. And my goal with that is to both entertain myself and to catch the people off guard so they’re like, “What?! This girl is different and interesting… I’m going to respond.”

And when you really think about the answer to this question, everybody has a puppy that they hate. Everybody. And it’s fun to collect the answers too. If you’re doing experimentation-style messaging, it’s like, wow, there’s so many different types of puppies that people hate.

#54 Ever been arrested?

Another great conversation starter both on a date and online. Kind of inappropriate and that’s why it’s fun. Who wants to feel like they’re on an interview with the same dang questions every time. Niemand. Nobody wants that.

So ask some interesting, off-the-cuff questions. Not to mention that this is an edgy question that will immediately open up the person on the other side of the table. When you’re MegaDating you don’t have time to beat around the bush. Ask those probing questions that peel back the layers. 

#55 What do you like to eat to cheer yourself up?

Hmm. Let me watch a video of abandoned puppies, head to the kitchen and get back to you. What we have here is a variation. Typically men are asking what your favorite or guilty pleasure foods are. This is a slightly original take on those questions, one she may not have heard before.

Facebook Dating Opening Lines #56 What is the last movie that made you cry?

Wow, now we’re getting vulnerable. This is the type of question that will crack you open without getting too personal. It’s a safe enough question to respond to because everyone cries at movies. It’s not like you’re asking when the last time she cried was. That can bring up all kinds of daddy issues.

#57 Can you still say ‘Stick it where the sun don’t shine’ on a nude beach?

Random, but interesting, and that’s what it’s all about. While you might not love this opener, it’s infinitely better than “hey, what’s your sign?”

#58 What’s your spirit animal?

There’s a reason this is 58th on the list. It’s great and all but this is the type of question geared more so to 13 year-olds. It’s cliche, kind of boring, and is difficult to transition out of.

#59 If you could pick only one what would you be: attractive, rich, or famous?

Again we have a trite opener that she’s fielded before. Perhaps not within the context of a dating app, but she’s still blase with the question. Not to mention that this question is likely to be answered with a one-word response. Always keep things open-ended.

MegaDate Your Way To Love

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you when it comes to online dating, as well as the dating world in general, is that you should MegaDate. MegaDating is a dating strategy that involves going out with several different women at the same time in order to relieve anxiety and crush your dating goals.

When you MegaDate, you see that there truly are plenty of fish in the sea. This prevents you from settling for the mediocre, getting caught up in the chase and becoming frustrated with your dating life.

Plus, practice makes perfect, so the more you put yourself out there, the more success you’ll find when it comes to looking for a compatible, long-term partner. MegaDating is the main strategy I used during my experiment and it led me to a fulfilling relationship. It worked for me and it can work for you too!

If you want to learn more about MegaDating and would like individualized dating help, head over to my calendar and book a 1-on-1 Skype session with me today. During our session, we will discuss your dating background and goals, create an action plan, and finally discuss my 3-month Signature coaching program.

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