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What is double amor?

Couple’s networking community where we help you learn about each other, increase opportunities to connect with couple-friends and build wealth.

We created this program with an intention to shake up the millennial relationship narrative.

Our mission is to help as many couples and coaches as possible create successful relationships and businesses together. 

An enjoyable way to grow your relationship legacy. 

Give Your Relationship Intentionality, Community
& Hope

How It Works

#1 We Get To Know You

We meet with you to clearly understand your personal and relationship goals to align with the program.

#2 Account Setup

We provide you a membership dashboard allowing you to access professional tools and see your relationship progress.

#3 Program Launch

Start your personalized month by month program to experience and capture results to analyze your relationship journey.

Ongoing Support

Come to Double Amor for work with your dedicated account manager whenever you need help!

Double Amor‘s Program

Each client we speak with want to see rapid growth, but the problem is they are generally uncommitted or uneducated and simply believe they have no time to focus on the micro tasks to stay proactive in their relationship. This is where our program can help!

Share date-night with other couples while growing your relationship.


Conversation-starter initiative for couples and groups to get to know each other.

Relationship Enhancers

Receive convenient and detailed relationship texts directly to your phone.

Partner Resources

We hope these offers will save you money, make your life more productive and easier.

Resources to enhance your relationship

  • Double Amor Blog
  • "Band App" Community Access
  • Relationship Enhancers Text Messages (1 phone)
  • Monthly Community Events
  • Access to Partner Resources
  • Access to "relationship Factory"
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Couple Spotlight

Married for over 2 Years


It all started back in 2009, Kaymon (25 years old) and Edith (26 years old) got together for three years and broke up while living in Pittsburg, Texas. In 2015 got back together and got engaged three months later after Kaymon’s home opener of his college football game and married on April 29th, 2017 in East Texas. Since then they have been together and recently moved to Dallas, Texas from Durant, Oklahoma. Their motto is Young.Fun.Forever.

Contact Us About Joining

Build relationship with your sweetheart while building relationship with community. We are willing to personalize your experience with us. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation so we can learn more about your goals.


Double Amor is a fun and healthy social platform designed to help couples gain the resources needed to strengthen their relationships and connect with other couples.

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