Girls's Trend Errors: Issues Rocking Girls We Want They Didn't Have

We recently raised some things women do to attract men. I'm sure we could have made a mile-long list. Now is the time to address some of the things that rock women that absolutely must go! Come on, ladies, we need to step up our games and not fall victim to some of these fashion and beauty no-nos.

Ladies, what female trends and looks do you want to die for? Fellas, do not hesitate to participate!


I was shopping in the mall the other day, and this woman came up to me and asked if the dress she had chosen matched the shoes she had. Both the dress and the shoes were a noisy cheetah pattern that matched perfectly. Eeeek! I looked at her clothes and print-ready print and decided that I would be honest with her. Just because you're wearing a printed dress doesn't mean you have to hunt for the exact printed shoe. It does too much.

Loud stripes:

Subtle highlights can really warm a woman's face. However, hard, exaggerated streaks all over your hair only look sticky. If you are not an expert in dyeing and dyeing hair, leave it to an expert.

Nails too long:

If you want to wear tips on your nails, you will get a realistic nail length. There is no reason why your nails curl over your fingers. Natural looking nails are in and should be hugged. What is worse is when women get long nails and put them out elaborately and I can add ghetto designs to each nail. Not. A good. Look.

Hair NOT finished:

I know that there are constant debates and arguments about hair among black women. The truth is, we spend less time discussing whose hair is better and more time caring for our own hair, be it natural, woven, wavy, etc. #TeamNatural may be exempt from the many hair problems who plague women who wear woven fabrics and / or lace fronts, but don't be fooled. Women who leave the house with dry, unkempt natural hair are just as bad as women who leave the house and try to mix curly edges with straight yaki fabric. Ladies, just be conscientious about your hair and make it look right no matter how you style it. It is unforgivable to have an H.A.M. to go out of the house on your head.

FAKE designer bags:

We were all approached by sketchy street vendors who promise to sell new Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses. Fine. Some of these “designer” bags may be so close to reality that they could even fool the designer. Fine. However, some of these bags don't fool anyone. For example, the fake Chanel bags with "G" instead of the classic Chanel "C" and the "Gucci" bags with cheap plastic-like decals. A blind man can say that these bags are not the real deal.

Ghostly Makeup:

I know that if you are a woman with a darker complexion, it can be difficult to find a foundation. However, there are many places that match your makeup. There is nothing worse than a woman wearing makeup that is too bright for her face.

I could go on with this list forever, but I want to hear what you think. What things rock other women that you really want them not to rock?

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