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Features & Benefits

Automate your date experiences with
Double Amor

With easy access to your concierge, this can be your one stop for you to enjoy dates. Customize your account with dates and opportunities in your community that you’re passionate about, without doing the work every time. Or do-it-yourself.

Get more time on your side

Automations help you get things done
while you get other things done.

More output with less effort

See more dates, more conversations, more relationship engagement, without more effort.

Create couple connections

Stay connected with couple friends to
grow relationships and your business.

Build your relationship with Double Amor through arranged dates.

Arranged dates makes it easy to schedule dates and keep them going, whether you are handling too much you can chew in life.

Attract Ideal Dates

Curate your ideal date experience with a
professional concierge and try new dates
for the first time.

Automated Invitations

Grow your date's interest when we send
your partner or group a warm invitation
text or email.

Boosted Habits

Increase date engagements by integrating
professional concierges in your process.

DIY Ideas & Processes

Database with 100+ date ideas and the
processes to easily execute yourself.
View users comments about the dates.

Dating Tips

Increase your confidence when dating by receiving coaching tips on how to be spontaneous. Similar to Hitch.

Impact Your City

Access a searchable network of date
opportunities around your city looking to
make a difference in your relationship.

Engage Conversation

Q-Love-A makes it easier to engage your partner or group. Increase your intimate conversation with over 100+ conversation starters.

Celebrate The Wins

Measure your dating impact by joining forces with us who can help you walk away with your tangible date data.

Couple Connection

Double Amor puts you in position to
connect with couples in your area to
share life and encourage each other.

“It's Like Having A Full-Time Team Of Date Arrangement
Assistants Without The Cost or Training Time”

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