eight Suggestions for Courting a Taller Lady

I know many men who think twice about meeting a taller woman. But my first longtime friend was 5 & # 39; 3 & # 39; & # 39; and I always thought it was hot. When I stood three inches shorter than me, its size didn't bother me at all.

It is easy to put yourself in what society thinks. The problem is that if you do that, you will make your dating pool so much smaller. If you follow my blog, recommend MegaDating – a proven technique for increasing your dating volume and the ultimate success for women.

For MegaDate you need to have access to a large pool of women (I would say, join no less than five dating sites first). But if you decide against a taller woman, reduce your selection again by a large percentage … after all this work!

It's difficult to stay competitive in the dating game – so don't limit yourself! Instead of dating a taller woman, learn to hug her. Whether you are a small man or an average-sized man who prefers to meet women who are smaller than you, you will feel much better at making decisions once you have overcome your height problems.

To help you with this, I have compiled this list with eight tips for dating a taller woman. This includes practical advice and some deeper considerations that will hopefully change your mind.

Tips for Dating a Taller Woman

1. Cultivate Your Appearance

Let's start with the elephant in the room. You hesitate to meet a taller woman because you think you don't look "male" enough for her.

Right, you can't control what another person thinks. But you are definitely in control of how you present yourself. Maybe she's not into smaller guys, but you can distract from it or even neutralize it by visually playing your other assets.

Make your clothes a priority. Not exactly someone who is interested in fashion? Try a subscription-based apparel service like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix that sends you coordinated pieces to try on at home. You save time and are styled by an expert.

They send you things that are both affordable and trendy and give you a cooler, more up-to-date look. Not only that, but you'll look a lot better than the other guys out there who don't dress well.

Stay well cared for. Consider your options when it comes to facial hair. Perhaps you are the type that could pull off a hipster beard, or maybe a shadow or goatee would suit your jaw better. Take a look at some photos and see what you can create for yourself. If necessary, you can find tutorials on YouTube. Also take care of skin problems (acne, discoloration) with topical treatments.

Finally – this is long term, but it's worth it – think about getting in better shape. A little man who is fit is still miles in front of a bigger man who is out of shape. If you invest in your fitness combined with your choice of grooming and clothing, you will become much more competitive in the dating pool.

2. Don't overdo your size too much

Many men do this and I understand why: A study found that a whopping 48.9 percent of women limited their online dating searches to men who were taller than them.

Even if you did not know the exact numbers, you have probably found this out from experience. So if you're a small guy, I can see in your online dating profile why you're overdoing your size. I simply would not do much or .

If you are more than a few centimeters above your height, she will definitely notice it as soon as she hits you. Let's say you are six feet tall when you are really 5 to 9 inches tall. Everyone knows what six feet look like. Most likely, she had a brother, father, former friend, or many people who were so tall or very close. As soon as she sees you, she instantly compares you with someone else who is six feet tall and knows that you are lying.

At this point you look dishonest. While most of us know that boys exaggerate their size, just don't make it ridiculous. We are not blind!

What if you were honest about your size? It could throw you out of many women's online searches, but if you're looking for a long-term relationship, those without height filters may be more real.

3. Know your worth. What are the advantages of being shorter? Can you work your way through the crowd faster? Do you qualify for children's IDs upon admission? Still Trick or Treat in a Costume?

Okay, I'm having a little bit of fun with it, but you understand what it's about. Check out the positives and have your size. After all, it differentiates you from other men, which is always good.

The 100 reasons why sports are practiced

If your self-esteem is influenced by your height, try the following exercise in an emergency. It's called "100 reasons why". The rules are simple: make a list of 100 reasons why you deserve your dream girl, regardless of your size. This strengthens trust and reminds you of your worth. No matter how much bigger it is, you still have to bring a lot with you.

4. Sell Yourself

If you know what you have to offer, you can find ways to bring these things into the conversation, when you are with her. This does not mean that you should show off. It just means being direct and open about your accomplishments and good qualities … in a very subtle yet honest way.

Go back to your 100 reasons why you are training and maybe picking out the recent successes are related to your work. Let's say your company has started or you have just become a manager in your company. Find ways to indirectly mention these things.

You could talk about how difficult it is to manage your time when sales go through the roof and the business makes you work around the clock. Or how surprised you were when your new employees organized a birthday party in the office.

Do this in an outward-facing environment – maybe wait until the second date if you are hiking or at a ball game – and it will feel much more reserved and Naturally.

5. Have your male energy

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