Are you considering of giving up relationship? 10 causes not to do that!

If you have thought of giving up dating, you are not alone. When your experience in the romantic world creates stress rather than excitement, it gets tiring. Why should you keep standing there when all your efforts turn out to be a dead end?

I understand. Years ago I was single again for the first time in a while. After moving from a monogamous relationship to a monogamous relationship, I had reached a dead end in my romantic life.

Just after trying so hard to get into previous relationships, I wondered if I would ever find love. In fact, I wondered if there was love at all.

Then I started my 100-day experiment. I used myself as a guinea pig and went on 101 dates in a year. I have learned all the intricacies of the dating world, including what strategies work and which are the reasons why you are constantly banished to the friends zone.

At the end of my experiment, I had an arsenal of dating skills, a newfound trust, and I even met a long-term, compatible partner.

Most of all, I learned that if you think about giving up dating and relationships – don't!

The dating world can be really fun instead of frustrating. And more importantly, love really exists for everyone – and you don't have to be rich or ridiculously good looking to find it.

Still not convinced? Check out 10 reasons why you shouldn't give up dating.

10 reasons not to give up dating

# 1: You meet women in the wrong places

 Giving up the dating" width = "900" height = "600" /><p data-lazy-src= This is a great place to find social groups made up of people who share your interests. Building trust and relationships through common interests is one of the first steps in building a relationship. So this is a great way to meet people you are more compatible with.

Events: Going on various trips with friends. You can also find cool events near you using a simple Google search or on websites like Eventbrite.

Friends: Ask your friends (more trustworthy friends with good taste) to set them up with someone.

Join a Joint Sports Team

Follow these strategies to establish a love affair in the grocery

# 2: Refraining from dating means refraining from having fun

It's a shame that so many people don't have fun when they go out. But the thing is, dating can be really fun.

When you stop putting so much pressure on dating and seeing it as an opportunity for new experiences, it stops being stressful and fun. Think of every date as an adventure.

# 3: Dating teaches you about yourself

Dating forces us to be vulnerable. Although this is scary, active growth forces you to actively engage in appointments. These experiences also enable you to learn something about yourself. And the more you know about yourself, the safer and more authentic you will be in the dating world.

Also …

# 4: Going ahead helps you understand what you really want

There is no failure when it comes to dating and relationships. One thing I've learned is that even if a date is bad or a long-term relationship goes wrong, breaking up those relationships doesn't mean failure. In fact, so-called “failed” relationships are necessary to find the perfect partner.

If something doesn't work romantically, the things that went wrong in this relationship provide us with information about what we want and what we don't want in a relationship. As you date more and more, you also learn to handle red flags with care.

Basically, it is important that you gain a lot of experience if you want to be successful in any area of ​​life.

# 5: Dating doesn't have to be expensive

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Second appointment: The second appointment should be something active and free. The purpose of the second date is to escalate sexual tensions.

Third Date: This is the date on which you can loosen the wallet chains during a romantic dinner. The second date is to find out whether you and your date have long-term potential based on morality and values. Intimacy often occurs for the first time during this date.

# 6: Face Your Fears Builds Character

No matter who you are, dating can be scary. But facing your fears strengthens your character. Many people hold back because they are afraid of rejection or when something goes wrong in a relationship.

But remember, all of these experiences will help you grow and build trust, which will ultimately lead you to lasting love.

# 7: You are cheating on something big

If you are thinking of giving up dating forever, you are cheating on something big. Trust me when I say that love really exists for everyone. There are tons of great singles that are perfect for you.

The thing is, if you give up dating, you will never meet her.

# 8: It's OK if it doesn't work

Many people are attached to the idea of ​​"the one" or "soul mate". You fear that you will not find the right person for you, which makes the prospect of a panic-inducing experience very likely.

Or you have an appointment with someone you were certain to be your soul mate just to have your heart broken. Now you are afraid to stand there and break your heart again.

However, if you put this kind of pressure on romance, failure becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Consider dating with a mindset of abundance .

An abundance mentality involves considering the dating world as endlessly possible. Instead of chasing "one", people are persecuted with a wealth of ways of thinking.

At the end of this article I will explain my top strategy, which forces you to develop a wealth of ways of thinking and finding success!

# 9: Practice Makes Perfect

Sure, you could give up dating now and there is a chance that a perfect person would show up accidentally. We have all heard the stories of "love at first sight" and the couples who met in the parking lot and have been together ever since.

But the thing is, even if that happens, you want to be prepared for it. When you find a long-term, compatible partner, you want to enter into this relationship as your best and most authentic self.

You want to learn some lessons and be sure of what you really want. So you have to make a lot of appointments instead of giving up dating and waiting for the right person to show up.

# 10: It worked for me and it can work for you too

As I said before, I was basically ready to quit dating before I decided my 100- Day experiment to begin. And I'm so glad I chose this experiment because giving up dating would have kept me from so much experience, so much personal growth, and a satisfying relationship.

One thing that really helped I destroyed my goals in the dating world by using MegaDating.

What is MegaDating?

MegaDating is a dating strategy in which several people are together at the same time. This process distributes energy by keeping your social calendar full.

If you are thinking of giving up dating, try MegaDating to enjoy a different way of dating. When you do MegaDate, you see firsthand that there are really many fish in the sea.

This prevents you from chasing women who will ultimately take you to the friend zone, accept the idea of ​​"one" or settle for the mediocre.

Because you're hanging around with at least a few different people at the same time, the pain of things like a bad date or rejection won't be that big a deal. If you expose yourself to other people instead of chasing one, women will suddenly chase you.

When women see that you keep your options open before you decide to become exclusive, you automatically become more desirable. This is because MegaDating stimulates an unconscious feeling of competition.

Stop giving up dating and start destroying your goals.

Are you ready to make appointments that are fun and exciting? Would you like to attract tons of beautiful, high quality women? Are you ready to go on a dating trip that will lead you to the woman of your dreams?

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